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Loma-Hossa is a family business running in second generation. The business was established
in 2005, and the family has experience of over 50 years in the area and the nature of Hossa.

The values of Loma-Hossa:

  • Commitment to long term, valuing and respecting nature and cost-effective operation/activity
  • Community and co-operation
  • Quality an distinctive customer care
  • Enjoying our work
  • Innovativeness

Understanding and preserving our nature is important to us. We fondly promote our nature’s
cleanliness and tranquility, and promote acts against light pollution.
The water supply in Hossa is drinkable. We promote minimising single-use plastic, and
encourage everyone to fill up their water bottles from the tap.

We prefer traditional use of wood in building construction. We have old and durable log cabins
which we still use today. Some of our cabins have preserved over 50 years in its original
condition, and thus we are proud of our older builds.

We take recycling seriously, so using second hand furniture and decoration is important to us.
We are moving to use non-polluting electricity sources. The Rajakartano buildings use
geothermal heating and all-year-round cabins either already have or will soon have air-to-air
heat pumps. All firewood used for indoor and outdoor fireplaces and sauna stoves come from
our own forest near by, and thus we support local carbon cycle.

The vitality of Hossa and supporting our local community and culture is important to us. We
work closely with local entrepreneurs and organisations. We want our area to be a good place
for living and visiting now and in the future.

We welcome everyone to Hossa. We promote equality and equity for our customers and
employees, as well as we take any additional requests into consideration in our decision making
and actions. We respect everyone that respects us, our local community and the nature.

At Loma-Hossa we pledge to work for sustainable travelling in Finland and we have signed the
10 principles for sustainable travel development by Business Finland.
We have taken part in sustainability training and have recently applied for Sustainable Travel
Finland certification.