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Luxurious conditions in the middle of wilderness

The charm of the old wilderness is true here; the immense ridges, the plentiful lakes, rivers and ponds – surrounded by silent wilderness. Here, you can breathe calmly with the pace of nature. You can feel like royalty in the calm wilderness. The recreation in the great nature of Hossa gives you power and refreshment.

The trekking paths, paddle paths, wonderfull places for picking up berries, fishing waters and hunting grounds are calling. The magic of bright summer nigths, the snowy wintery forests, the atmosphere at the nightly campfires. They all wait here, in Hossa. There are many kinds of cosy accommodation in log cabins or manor apartments at Rajakartano or cottages. All apartments have everything needed in the kitchen, beginning from refrigerators, and microwaves. Also all cottages have WC and showers.  Additionally, most cottages have lakeside views (one on a pond, and one near a river).

There are many interesting things around Hossa

Rock paintings

The rock paintings of Hossa

The rock paintings of Hossa, that come from about 2000 BCE, now 4000 years later these images can be seen on postcards and T-shirts, however, we strongly recommend to see them with your own eyes, the original is breath-taking.

Hossa National Park

Hossa National Park

Hossa National Park has great ponds, with very clear water. The water is so clear, that you can actually see the bottom of the pond, which can be 6m deep, from the surface. If you are to into trekking, maybe by bicycle, there is about 90 km worth of easy trails and paths with places for campfires and lean-tos.  

Wild nature bears

Safely to the wilderness

The wild beasts can’t allways be seen whilst trekking, but if you want to spare a night, you can camp at Hossan Karhut, at Martinselkonen wild Centre with a camera. Or Arola Bear offers a special booth, where you can stay for a night, with a guide. The playful beasts tend to keep the sleepiness away. If you can’t afford to spend a night in nature, The Predator Center in Kuusamo offers a possibility, to get to know Sulo’s pets during daytime.

Reindeer, Hossa

Reindeer park

Of course, there are reindeers in Hossa, and often they can be spotted in daily life, but in Reindeer park in Hossa you can get to know more about reindeers, in various forms of course.



At Raatteenportti (Battle of Raate Road) you can meet the history, in sounds and pictures, when Finland and the Soviet Union settled some scores. Let this be a lesson for future generations, that war is not the solution to disputes.

Enjoy Nature at Hossa, Finland

Enjoy Nature

The National Park with lakes, rivers and ponds offer a lot of possibilities for every season. There are marked hiking paths, stationary lean-tos and open wilderness huts as resting sites. There are routes for paddling, well kept cross-country ski tracks, which are also suitable for “skating” style skiing. There are about 40km of ski tracks, and 2km of which is lit at night time.

Julma Ölkky Boat-Trips, Hossa Finland

Boat Trips

Julma-Ölkky offers amazing views at the boat trip in the canyon lake. It is is a place of 50m rock wall upwards and 50m water downwards.

But you can always just stay at the cottage, and enjoy the peace and quiet. Catch some fish, cook them on open campfire, and listen to the silence of the midnight sun.